In fear we cling

Over eyes like yours.

Shivering in cold breeze,

or simply damp squibs.

On rainbow mats.

In depleted tree trunks,

Emptiness full of gaping holes.

Shadows creep like empty hearts,

Often broken darkness.

Thundering silences.

Nightmaring through nights

filled with memories of days

long gone.

Rainy days and puddled paths

Muddied soles scrunched.

Past and present collide

in a mix of memories and mess.




Too many of us,

crave the appraisal

and accolade

from people whose opinions

don’t matter.

Too many of us,

confuse happiness with luxury

with a sense of being “above”,

when true happiness

lies only within.

Too many of us,

give up our sanity

to impress others,

to chase tangible things

as substitutes.

Too many of us,

want to live in boxes;

crafted by the world

so that we can buy more

from online shopping.

Too many of us,

don’t know what happiness is.

But simply the illusion

of it.



Doing nothing is the art,

of going into the deepest part of yourself.

And simply let it go.

It is the achievement of depth,

and desires.

In flux, rotating through the microcosm

of the 21st century.

Middling eyes and trembling hands,

co-exist in futures;

not yet explored.

Nor conquered,




Youths chasing starlight dusts,

echoes of eternity;

Across the universe and


7 million light years away.

He sees hope in the middle,

of a swirling black hole.

She sees only the depths,

of his stone cold heart.


Like dry ice tumbling.

In and over the top,

of my head.

Dreams falling from the sky;

and onto laps

like warm bread,

ready for a spread of butter.

Twiddling thumbs..

and shaking heads.

Ready for everything,

and nothing at all.