1 min readJan 31, 2021


Wake up, crawl out of bed. Kiss, don’t tell.

Have coffee, read a book about cats.

Rumble out.

Write a story about how a boy fell in love with a girl.

Fantasize with courage.

Watch lovers hold hands as stars fall out of the skies. Imagine how you could be one of them. Think about the Sino-US trade war. Sweat the realpolitik. Have a croissant. Plug in Airpods.

Walk like you’re on Broadway. Dream.

Only lovers left alive.

Get back to work.


What does a weekend look like for many of us?

Too many of us drift along without consciously looking at what we actually get up to on the weekends, often missing the essence of it; which is really to explore; either the world around us, or deep within us.

Even in the midst of running errands, we should never forget that it is a time that we can pause, stop, think and reset.